Welcome to Altrusa North San Antonio
Altrusa is an international non-profit organization, making our local communities better through leadership, partnership and service.  We strive to create better communities worldwide.  Altrusa is made up of civic-minded people who find great joy in enhancing the lives of others.  We welcome the involvement of new members who want to advance their skills, meet new friends, volunteer along with community leaders, or simply want to add meaningful new experiences to their lives. 
Contact us to find out more about becoming an Altrusa member or to attend a meeting at 2nd Tuesday at 5:30.  Join us.  
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Monthly Meeting
Second Tuesday of each month 
at 5:30PM
Contact for location details
2022 - 2023 Board
President:  Debbie Trammell  
Vice President:  Debbie Davenport
Treasurer:  Pat Moss
Recording Secretary:  Cynthia Blackburn
Correspondence Secretary:  Isabel Uranga
Past President:  Sheryl King
Parliamentarian: Geri McCormack
Director:  Judy Opper               
Director:  Margie Mallory
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First Graders Grow
Coronado Village Elementary Classes Admire Free Little Library Constructed and Maintained by Club Members