Why build a new Altrusa Club?
A new Altrusa club is a wonderful gift not only to the community, but also to each new member of that club.
Altrusa is made up of civic-minded people who find great joy in enhancing the lives of others. We welcome the involvement of new members who want to advance their leadership skills, meet new friends, volunteer along with community leaders, or simply want to add meaningful new experiences to their lives. As new Altrusans gain an increased awareness of the needs of their community and insights into possibilities to solve those needs, they work together with like-minded people to make a difference.  
Our organization is made stronger when we involve members from every corner of our city and all walks of life. We believe, together, we can build better communities. Collaboratively sharing our strengths, experiences, and diversity will make a real difference for our community.

Current Clubs in Formation





The regular meetings of the Altrusa International of Downtown Fort Worth, in formation, are on the second Fridays of the month, noon, at the University of Texas Arlington (UTA) – Fort Worth Campus,  1401 Jones Street, Ft Worth. 
For more information or to refer a friend or relative to be contacted, contact Linda McCalla at lindamccalla@Yahoo.com



The New Club Building Team is currently looking at developing new Altrusa clubs in these areas of Texas;
* Waxahachie,  and
* College Station.
  If you are interested in helping charter a new club in one of these areas, please contact a member of the New Club Building Team.
To refer a potential member for one of these new clubs or any other club in District Nine, download the member referral form here.
New Club Dues Structure
The local, District and International dues for new members depend on their age and the time of year that they join a club. For more information, contact the New Club Building Team.