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    • July 11th
Overview of how the power plan works and how it related to Power
Learning - Overview of the purpose is for the learning team and how it relates to Stability
  1. Altrusa is a builder of women*.
  2. Altrusa is an expression of the search for the best in character, in business, and in citizenship.
  3. Election to Altrusa is an evidence of confidence which imposes upon the recipient the obligation to strive to be true to the highest standards of life in her personal and business relations.
  4. Altrusa in the very derivation of her name is committed to the philosophy of unselfishness, of the joy of giving rather than getting, and to the search for that happiness which is based upon spiritual worthiness.
  5. Altrusa is practical idealism. Its service consists, not in saying great things, but in the daily earnest practice of its principles.
  6. Altrusa commends to its members an active interest in public affairs, realizing that the State is but the individual writ large.
  7. Altrusa develops true leadership, concerned with accomplishment and not with recognition.
  8. Membership carries with it no obligation to transact business with other members. It makes no promise of returns in any commercial specie. Its rewards are in proportion to the loyalty, the unselfishness and character of the member herself, and the coin of the realm cannot equal its value.
  9. Altrusa expresses good will for all mankind. It emphasizes the good and lets the evil sink into the oblivion it merits.
  10. Altrusa is democratic; it knows no class, no favorites, but is founded upon merit alone.
  11. Altrusa believes that the way to progress lies not in emphasizing the faults of men and their failure to give proper recognition, at times, to women in business, but rather in arousing women to their responsibilities and their possibilities, so that their accomplishments will blaze the trail for greater things.
  12. Altrusa believes it is not enough to be good; Altrusa must be good for some thing. Each member must be doing the piece of work that is hers in a way that puts her in the front ranks of accomplishment.
– Mamie L. Bass, 1921
*Historical Altrusa material as written in 1921
“Let me be always open-minded, that I may recognize good for Altrusa wherever it may be.
“Let me be ready always to put aside my personal opinions for the greater good, for the greater number. Let me see principles and not personalities, and, discerning them, let me serve them wholeheartedly through every cloud of doubt and discouragement.
“Let me have faith still that the voice of the majority is the voice of good, and let me lend myself to the working out sincerely of what the majority chooses. Knowing that the organization is but the individual multiplied by many and that the organization reflects not only the constructive good, but also the mistaken ideals, the short-sightedness, the failures of the individual, let me still adhere to the will of the majority, knowing that time will reveal the better way and lead our footsteps aright if we tread with purer motives and unselfish hearts.
“Let me be conscious of the shortcomings, the mistakes, the failures of myself and my associates, only that I may learn to correct them, and let me rather see with uplifted face and stalwart soul the unblemished beauty, the high ideal, of the spirit of Altrusa, who lives upon the earth to uplift women to higher things, to make real in business and in our daily lives the things of the spirit. Let me not dream and write and talk of noble things, but give me rather the strength to live them in the smallest act wherein it is mine to serve.
“Let me be patient in defeat and humble in success. Let me seek not for rewards, for appreciation, or even for understanding, but let me seek rather to do the work that lies before me, and to find in the right doing of that work the joy and satisfaction that passes understanding, until too I may say, ‘I know what pleasure is, for I have done good work.’
~Mamie L. Bass,  First written for the Indianapolis Altrusan Club Bulletin in 1926