Congratulations on a successful 2022 District Nine Conference!
Thank you to all who contributed to our success in impacting the lives of thousands in need.

2020-2021 District Nine Award Results


Altrusa International Foundation

All Altrusans are encouraged to participate in "Project Generosity" and the results of the District Nine Conference (see below) helped excel the District in this fundraising campaign for the Foundation.

    Altrusa International Foundation Auction / Donation Results
    $  2,999      Silent Auction (online)
    $10,150      Live Auction (online)
    $  1,892     Disaster Relief Aid in Ukraine Envelope Campaign
    $     500      Foundation Lamplighter (check pymts)
    $       42     Club 21 (check pymts)
    $  3,808     MobileCause Online Donations (lamplighters, Club 21 [individual/club], General donations)
    $19,391     TOTAL Contribution to the International Foundation  (as of 5-2-2022)
    You can still contribute by clicking HERE

    District Nine Conference Service Project

    With resounding results, 17 clubs participated to support the mission of Families In Crisis, Inc. 
    $  2,999Check Donations
    $     475Online Donations
    $  1,290Donated Products                                                                                                     
    $  4,755TOTAL
    You can still contribute by clicking HERE