Conference Agenda

Sunday, May 1, 2022

6:30a - 7:15a Rise & Shine Walk (meet at the downstairs outdoor patio for walk)
8:00a Grab & Go Breakfast (back of Salon E)
8:00a Silent Auction Item Pick-up (Belfort Room)
8:30a - 12:00p SUNDAY CLOSING SESSIONS (Ballroom E)
8:30a - 9:15a Memorial Service - Mary Osentowski
9:15a - 9:30a Break
9:30a Final Business Session (Ballroom E)
 Membership Presentation - Branding Team
   “Share the Experience “ 
 Service Project Results - Frances Dalbey
 Altrusa Int’l Foundation Results - Amanda Purdy
 Award Presentations
   *First Timers Award - Sheila Winton
   *Communications Award - Guadalupe Carvajal & Kathleen Smith
   *Yearbook Award 
   *Club Display Award - Lisa Boyd
 Final Registration Report - Kelli Alsup
 Final Credentials Report - Sheryl King
 Invitation to Fall Leadership Event 2022 - Linda Hurt, Vicky Cohen & Gail Woods
 Invitation to District Conference 2023 - Betty Sainz
 Invitation to Bid for District Conference 2024  
 International Visitor Comments - Lisa Boyd
 Invitation to International Convention 2023 -Video
 Governor Remarks - Mary Black Pearson
   “Rise & Shine to Your Greatest Potential”
 Evaluation Reminder - Kimberly Kierce
 Final Announcements - Chris Tolbert
 Benediction - Mary Black Pearson
12:30p Post Conference District Nine Board Meeting
 (at 12:30 pm or 30 minutes after Conference Adjourns)

Friday, April 29, 2022

Saturday, April 30, 2022